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Release 5.17 - March 10, 2022

Improved revet=true Reporting
revet=true is used to skip activity tracking and counting when calling our API. Previously the call would not increment any counters as well as skip all activity reporting. With 5.17 the service continues to skip counter increments, but now returns the current activity state in the JSON and scoring. This is a more accurate analysis of the data and should help track activity status.
New DNS in JSON response for domain and emaildomain
Two new areas of information in the JSON response include NS, MX, and MX IP for emaildomain and domains. This data will be incorporated into the Portal views and analysis later this year.
Bug fixes include properly displaying Alert Notice email(s) and correcting filter options for Alerts in portal. Read deatils at Release Notes.

Need to block Geo countries? Use the Tag API or email and we can do it for you.

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Phone Scoring Issues: From March 10 - 14 we had some issues with our phone DB. Some phones were improperly marked as Fake. The issue has been resolved. Contact support if you would like help in sorting out your data.