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Release 5.9 - September 1, 2020

  • Added full support for Lead Source Sub ID: Just send lead_source=source name plus sub_id=subID when calling the API. Reporting as well as the Lead Source API will now include sub ID information. In addition, on the Lead Source Portal we added a Group button to easily rollup Lead Sources and all their Sub IDs.
  • Mandate 2FA for Portal Users: On the Users page in the portal, click on Settings and you can require Two Factor Authentication for all users in your account. We recommend turning this on for extra security.
  • Added Tests for Free Domains and Dynamic DNS Checks.

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Covid-19: We hope all of you, your families, co-workers, and friends are safe, healthy and doing well during these difficult times. We are here to help in any way we can.

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End of Life for E-HAWK Talon CDN: Just a reminder that the Talon CDN will be discontinued on October 1, 2020. If you are still using our CDN to load Talon, please download the Talon JS and serve from your own infrastructure. Contact support if you need help.