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May 7-8, 2021:

The portal data records are behind actual usage. We are on the issue. No records will be lost. As soon as the issue is fixed all the API data will be added to the portal. Sorry for the issue.

Contact with any issues.

News, Updates, and Guides

Release 5.13 - March 31, 2021

Adds new features, api calls, and tests including:

  • Risk Hit Spike Alarms on Dashboard
  • Report Download Enhancements
  • Campaign IP Blocklist API
  • Obfuscate API
  • Column Sorting on Data Reports
  • Domain: No Web IP test
Read full details on the Release Notes page.

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End of Life for E-HAWK Talon CDN: Just a reminder that the Talon CDN is discontinued. Please download the Talon JS and serve from your own infrastructure. Contact support if you need help.