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Release 5.15 - Sep 15, 2021

Rotating API Keys periodically is a good security policy. To make this easier, we added the ability to either replace API keys in the portal and invalidate the old key immediately or generate a new key and keep the old key valid for 24 hours, giving you time to update keys in your code and making the switch to the new key easier.

Apple New OS Information: Apple will release iOS 15 soon. The new OS has two new features that can impact E-HAWK scoring: Private Relay and Hide My Email.

  • Private relay generates a different IP from the end user, like a VPN, that is routed through Apple IP exit points. We have Added a new label/test 'iCloud Private Relay Proxy" to indicate if the IP is part of Apple's iCloud Private Relay network.
  • Because the Private Relay IP can be from a different location, Geo Location Delta can also be impacted. Apple always keeps the same country but our tests have shown the IP can be up to 2,000 miles away from the user address. So we recommend reviewing scoring for Geo Delta 2,000 and below. The Geo location for City and State in our JSON will also be impacted by these private relay IPs.
  • Hide My Email allows users to create an iCloud email that forwards email to the users real and specified account. This will not impact our system, but can cause issues down the line if the temporary email is deleted and users cannot get password resets or any emails from your systems.

We have added ASN, Netblock and RIR information to the JSON response under the IP array. While not yet shown in the portal, this information will be used in future AI and also might add value to your data analysis.

Security Based on all the data breaches from other platforms and the increased security challenges, we highly recommend turning on 2FA for your E-HAWK accounts. Admins can require this for all users in Account-> Users and Setting button at the top of the page. 

For existing clients, all new tests/labels will score zero until you have a chance to review the data and adjust the score as you see fit. Read full details on the Release page.

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