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Release 5.14.1 - June 18, 2021

We have split out some meta labels with email checks. New responses/tests now include:

  • Invalid TLD hits when the emaildomain has an invalid TLD (top-level domain), such as domain.tdi. Default score is -25. We recommend a score that matches Undeliverable for your API keys, as the email is not deliverable, but we skip the deliverable check to save time.
  • Undeliverable Timeout hits when the SMTP server does not respond to our mailbox request call. Default score is -1. On average this represents about .003 of all API calls, so many clients will never see it. But it means we could not test if the email is deliverable.
For existing clients, both tests will score zero until you have a chance to review the data and adjust the score as you see fit. Read full details on the Release page.

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Data Retention 30 Days: To simplify GDPR and other privacy requirements, we now only keep vetting data for 30 days (reduced from 35). So portal views and downloads will only show the last 30 days of data as of May 28th. Vetting data past 30 days is purged from our systems.